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Product Name: The Body Shop/ Widdringtonia

Following the 2008 launch of infinite glass, which was composed of 100% post- consumer recycled glass, comes the first high end eco-friendly glass. The new version, called NEO infinite glass is composed of 90% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable. Verescence proves itself as a pioneer in ecofriendly design and responsible innovation. In order to support its clients in their responsible approach to packaging, the group carried out a comparative analysis of the life cycle between NEO infinite glass and classic flint glass. Where Classic flint glass is composed of 25% internal cullet and 75% raw materials, NEO infinite glass is composed of 25% post-consumer recycled glass, 65% internal cullet and 10% raw materials. For 1 million 200g bottles made from NEO infinite glass, Verescence reduces its carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption by approximately 13%, while 34 tons of sand are saved along with 1.7 tons of limestone. If we realize the gain in terms of fossil and mineral energy consumption, the choice of NEO infinite glass helps improve the quality of air, water and human health.

Neo infinite glass can also be colored by feeder with over 400 colors available. Eco- friendly decoration processes are available in house with zero rejection acid etching, hydro lacquering, and organic inks/ UV inks. The latest major fragrance launch that takes advantage of Neo Infinite Glass, is The Body Shop's Elixirs of Nature range, including five fragrances: Bowhanti, Kahaia, Nigritella, Swietenia, and Widdringtonia.

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