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Product Name: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

Industry challenge: making only tiny select parts of deco shiny metallic without hot stamping (registration would be off because of the small area), while the rest of the palette was matte. The concept we developed was ambitious –brilliant rays bursting from beneath the raised lettering on the cover. These bursts were built into the mold to wrap around the edges and create a continuous flow feeling, but the challenge was how to get tiny, detailed, specific rays shiny while the rest of the palette would be matte. Compax created an exclusive technique that allowed for the entire palette to be matte sprayed, but only certain details to be polished, buffing away the matte spray and revealing the shiny vac metallization underneath. The result is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind jewel that has generated buzz and remarkable demand. Of course, figuring out a one-off is one challenge; doing it for the mass market is another. In order to meet demand, Compax designed a machine that could automate this new process and ensure the dramatic difference was reliable and repeatable again and again.

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