Supermood Ltd

Product Name: Supermood

Supermood is a new beauty brand from Finland that improves the quality of your life with products that are designed to work in combination with how you live, sleep, and eat. We see beauty care and wellbeing as an all-round holistic experience with a mix of natural cosmetics, good sleep, and correct nutrition.

Instead of the traditional skin type or age division, we designed our beauty ranges for a particular mood. This could be “I want to feel confident before my big meeting” where our Egoboost range will give you that quick fix, or “I want to look fresh and well rested” where our Beauty Sleep range restores and rejuvenates over night or just “I want to feel radiant” where our Youth Glo range will vitalise and give you a look so radiant that you should be handing out sunglasses.

These moods form an ecosystem, where products complement each other to balance physical and emotional wellbeing. We manufacture Supermood products in Finland, with pure and innovative ingredients that fulfill certified natural cosmetic standards.

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