Product Name: PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray

PreHeels is an aerosolized spray for your feet that dries forming a clear, durable barrier that blocks friction from shoes. We've had independent clinical trials for safety and efficacy, it is hypo-allergenic & a completely innovative product for blister prevention.

"Competitive" products for this use include bandages that are easy to see, created for a single skin tone & can be embarrassing if they fall off VS. PreHeels is clear, works with all skin tones & dries on skin -- as well as deodorant-style balms that rub off quickly, can ruin your shoes and are not very effective VS. PreHeels last for several hours, will not get on your shoes & is effective. It took 3 years of R&D to create PreHeels: a spray that is liquid yet dries quickly -- a product that forms a durable barrier yet is clear.

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