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Product Name: Biossance

The human body produces its own version of squalane oil. But as skin ages, the less it makes—and the more you see the dehydrating effects. Historically, the only way to get squalane oil back was to harvest it unsustainably from shark livers or unreliably from olives. Enter Biossance and the same scientific minds that created the cure for malaria. Biossance pioneered a sustainable way to create 100% plant-based squalane oil using biotechnology. Every drop is made from Brazilian sugarcane, a naturally renewable resource. Non-toxic and weightlessly hydrating, squalane is biology’s best moisturizer. We created the packaging to follow the brand’s “No Compromise” approach to the environment and the product experience. The outer cartons are tree-free—made of 100% sugarcane fiber, a renewable resource. Zero bleach chemicals. Zero dyes. The primary packaging features a mix of dark green recyclable plastic and glass bottles that protect the formula from exposure to light. They are shaped to be easily gripped without slipping, with improved pumps that dispense the product to perfection.

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